Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Davidic Psalms

There is no King in Israel that is exalted by the Jews like David. Solomon had much more wealth, wisdom, and spent almost all of his life in peace and calm yet David is the favourite King.

So it is very interesting that the same king, by the ancestors of the same people, was treated in a way that he had to fear his life all the time and take his complaint about his enemies to the Lord. These enemies cannot be just Saul and his son, Absalom - since these people not necessarily after his life. They mock him! Yeah, they mock David, the man after Lord's heart.

I suppose not much changes in the history. The most celebrated people of Israel were actually mocked, hated, attacked, chained and even killed at their time.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


This book is long. Going through it is not easy and I always had difficulty following it. Now after 5th time I am going through it, it has started to unfold in front of my eyes.

The "reluctant prophet" has to deal with a lot, including endangering his life in order to deliver Lord's message. It is interesting that initially Lord told them to repent and kept repeating it. But after a while he told the Israelites to surrender - yes surrender and be taken into captivity. And also with the good fig/bad fig example, the people of exile will be the real remnant of Israel. We will see this later in Ezra and Nehemiah that this actually gets fulfilled but the real point is, the time to avert the fall of Israel was gone at the time of Zedekiah.

Really interesting stuff.